La Push

Monday & Tuesday June 14 La Push to Neah Bay

In a sense I missed La Push because I was blown out by the punishing seas and the past three day/night sailing marathon. I stopped here because it was the last stop before sunset and about as far as I could go physically and mentally (I wasn’t willing to endure another twelve hours until daylight returned.) So La Push was my chosen location for a recovery of my blurred senses.It is my belief that it is the last 100 yards of a voyage where most mistakes are made. I can not trust my lulled senses and dulled skills, and so I must become alive, alert and awake by an act of will (and talking to myself loudly). This is especially true now since the La Push harbor area is a picture fraught with a shipwreck without warning for any lapse of attention or course deviation. Worse yet it is reported to be inadequately charted.


La Push Needles

La Push harabor entrance rocks
La Push Needles just offshore
La Push Needles just offshore














The entrance to La Push harbor is the
most picturesque of all the Oregon ports. The immediate area is dotted with tall monoliths, and the largest rocks rival Morro Bay’s. When picking your way between marks and keeping an eye on the depth gauge (I made it across the bar with a one foot clearance) the small craft basin comes into view. It is a sleepy Indian nation town, and for residents it is an important fishing charter center. Color this place “sleepy” –the perfect place for me to recover some sleeping hours. They get few cruisers; I was the only one there during my stay. Don’t expect a general store or a fuel attendant, or indeed anyone to take notice of you. The only restaurant, the Quileute Rivers Edge Restaurant, may or may not be open.

Nature’s litter on La Push beach

I’ll remember most a chily walk along the rugged Oregon coast, crashing waves topped with a frothy frosting, and drift wood bleached white and strewn about in contorted shapes — quite at contrast with walking on a Mexican beach!   I want to return by car in the near future.


I was still sleeping soundly when the morning alarm went off. Shortly I got underway and gawked at the moss-covered granite rocks somehow topped by a grove of trees – looking like so much hair on a head.   Fortunately my departure was not complicated by either fog or swells.


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