Turtle Bay to U.S.A.

Monday April 25
I did not leave RD today.   Storm gusts exceeded 25 knots, and I felt obliged to hold her hand. No need for a radio. My background music for reading, writing and boat chores was the singing sent from the rigging.

I planned a sailing schedule that makes my arrival in San Diego late in the first week of May.   Then I planned a sailing schedule for the next 1,325 nautical miles north in the Pacific Ocean to Cape Flattery (entrance into the Salish Sea and south to Seattle). It seemed intimidating until I remembered that Jeanne Socrates circumnavigated solo in her 60’s http://www.svnereida.com/   I was privileged to have lunch with her in La Cruz.  If she can take a knockdown while rounding Cape Horn, I ought to be able to make a simple passage up the U.S. coast.  A journey of 1,000+ miles begins with a single day sail, and that day will likely be on Friday or Saturday.   In this interlude I enjoyed the simple day of solitude I asked for.

Tuesday April 26-27-28   Tuesday –Thursday

The weather rules over my departure. The Turtle Bay wind patterns repeat their predictable pattern day after day. In the mornings the sea is calm. By 3 pm it’s blowing from the NW 15 to 20 knots with an occasional gust to 25. At sunset the wind slowly diminishes until by midnight and through the night the bay is smooth as glass.

The decision to stay put a few more days is a no-brainer. I have no interest in the misery of bashing into waves generated by 25 knots of wind. So I accept the simple life of reading and writing, punctuated by visits from my yatista neighbors. We are all of like minds; no going anywhere at least until Friday. I’ll delve into the ship’s library and find something interesting to read today.

Friday April 29 at midnight is my planned departure.  Crew would make this leg easier and quicker, but I love single-handing and I’ll take the better part of a week to get to Ensenada/San Diego.  WOW  San Diego — that’s the United States.  Maybe I’ll get to Seattle by July 04 — exactly one year on the grand adventure with RD and crew.

For a glimpse of those brave souls who crewed along the way visit:










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