April 13_Wednesday_ Puerto Los Cabos to Cabo San Lucas


We have miles to go and an appointment to keep. Today is the day we meet with our new crew member in Cabo San Lucas.

I have an agreement with Donn to regularly anchor (it’s free) and take a slip in a marina once every seven to ten days (principally for re-provisioning, and taking on water and fuel), or in the event of an impending storm. We have a strong blow and a nasty short chop on our way to Cabo.   The wind is fierce when we arrive in the vicinity of the Cabo anchorage, and there is not a single sailboat in the anchorage. It is clear that anchoring in the sandy bottom “with questionable holding power” is out of the question. So we are lucky enough to get one of the last available slips in the marina(even at the scalper’s price of $2.00 U.S. per foot.

Lisa departs to rendezvous with our new crew, Sigfred (Siggie) Lyngoy.



Later in the day we all gather on RD.  It is instantly festive for the next few days.

The weather rules! And a cold front is saying that we stay in Cabo through Friday… then trough Saturday. And then at least until Sunday noon. This is delightful news to the party animals!  And the liveliest conversation on the entire trip fills the evening.


3 thoughts on “Cabo

  1. Your new crew sound like promising additions that will jazz up the social aspects of your Cabo stopover. Weather constraints will give you all plenty of time to get acquainted. Have fun. What is the next destination?


  2. My dear friend, the best part of your journey… YOU are soaking it in… loving the significance and beauty of each step. sv


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