Homeward Bound

April 09 Saturday_Puerto Escondido to La Paz

What a benchmark event:  to fire up the newly-repaired Lehman engine just prior to our departure!  In the first instance it represented the goal of five days of relentlessly frustrating effort to get the motor mount and alternator bracket fixed. It is a story of drama, frustration, one-step forward and two backwards, and stretching patience to the limit — a story best told over a drink where time isn’t a consideration.   In the second instance it represents the end of the furthest part of the grand adventure and the beginning of a 2,200 journey home.


We cast off at 0630 and felt our way over the 11 foot bar  at the mouth of the harbor and past the friends we had made during our stay.  We had been a regular on the 00800 morning net, either socializing, organizing the day or asking for spare parts or tools. By the time we left we knew most of the cruisers we’d meet at the dinghy dock. Lisa had managed a full day of SCUBA diving with Terry and Dawn, and I had visited Elvin and Connie’s home.  Stories of “I came here 20 years ago for a season and I’m still here” abound. Everyone coaxed us to stay for the season… or forever.  And instead we tiptoed away in the quiet of first light. Good bye Puerto Encondido.

For the past several days prevailing winds had been from the north… perfect for sailing to La Paz.   However this morning there is not a lick of wind and we motor hour after our on water more suited for water skiing.   I have never seen the Sea of Cortez this calm. Even the regular afternoon blow doesn’t show up today.


We have a polite and talented young Frenchman, Thibault Aussourd on board as crew, and he quickly wins my trust at the helm, and our hearts. He has two graduate degrees and has chosen to see the world as a vagabond and sailor.   He lightens our work load and our conversation.  And he fixes things too!  Here he is fixing our starboard side light.
It took us about 25 hours straight through to get south from Puerto Encondido to La Paz — with about 6 hours of wind just made for sailing through the night.  Beautiful!

Goodbye Day
Hello Night
Morning approaching La Paz

We’ll rest and enjoy La Paz today and then on to Cabo San Lucas two days from now to pick up crew.

Then the challenge of finding wx windows to get to Ensenada//San Diego.  I’m on my way home.  This has been a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and I know there is more to come. but I'[m irrationally homesick.  Guess that’s a good thing.




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