Breakthrough Day

The needed man, David, and his needed tools showed up and he played tag team with Elvin as we made substantial progress throughout the day.   Locals told me that Elvin begins the work and David completes it.  That’s about right!

Here is where I have spent the past four days.  If you are a cruiser,  like it or not, “fixing things in paradise” is an occupational hazard.



2 thoughts on “Breakthrough Day

  1. So will you be going back to La Paz? I’ll be there in a couple of days and it would be great to see you and possibly David there?
    Ginger Clark — met you at a b’fast table in La Paz when you folks were there in November (I think)


  2. It’s the price you pay for Paradise, Mister. I’m so glad the ‘other half’ of Elvin’s work team showed up with the tools that were needed! YEA! Hope the delay didn’t put you too far behind schedule to meet Donn.
    Good luck!


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