April 01 Friday —  Isla Carmen

Here’s Lisa, Donn and I (Howard) meeting in Loreto.0403_PuertoEscondido_8165.jpg

It’s always a treat to have Donn on board RD.  0402_Carmen_8120-1This morning he turned on several Vinyl Cafe radio episodes narrated by Stuart McClane, and we listened and laughed while Lisa cooked breakfast. But there was more “fixing things in paradise” to be done, and Donn and I spent the bulk of the day changing out the oil and the transmission coolers… and at the end of a work day imbibing as a reward for our efforts.




Entropy is the scientific notion that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder. No where is it more obvious than on a boat. Everything is always in a state of decline, wearing out or about to fail. There are no exceptions, and there are no ways to prevent it. No matter how many spares you carry, sooner or later you will be stuck — required to improvise, or wait for parts or patch it  — and then be stuck again.

Today we found a broken motor mount. Not good.   So we set about discovering how soon and at what location we could find the resources to fix it. This is where cruisers show their best side. All you have to do is ask. We received a collection of advice on the VHF that led to a plan to leave Donn in Loreto on Sunday (to return home via plane) and then sail south to Puerto Escondido in the afternoon. At this point it is our hope to keep an appointment with a mechanic named Elvin in Puerto Escondido on Monday.

And all of this in the paradise of Balandra Cove on Isla Carmen.



One thought on “Entropy

  1. So glad you got some ‘cruisers’ directions to Elvin. It’s always been my experience that no matter what happens to us, there is almost always another boater who has helpful advice. With luck you will be able to defy the entropy for a few more miles after his ministrations.


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