Not in my back yard

March 29 –Tuesday Agua Verde to Puerto Escondido

Not wanting to miss the promise of Aqua Verde we arose early to snorkel the reefs. It disrupted my morning coffee routine, so I filled a thermos and sipped coffee in the dinghy while silently observing the fauna above water while Lisa took her turn peering underwater. Aqua Verde does not disappoint. The waters are clear, the color is turquoise and a mask and snorkel reveals a rich diversity of coral, fans and fish.

Rick and Cindy aboard Cool Change hosted us to a detailed boat tour and home-cooked breakfast.   It would have been easy to chat with them all day, but we’re on a schedule to meet Donn in Loreto day after tomorrow, so we said our “fair winds” and hopes that our wakes would cross again (sooner than later).

We had a gentle wind and easy sail to Puerto Escondido.  We planned to anchor in the “Waiting Room” , but were met by the unofficial mayor who gave us the local lay of the land.  We got a subtle “not in my back yard” message and instructions to anchor in the ellipse.   We were definitely newbies in an established community of long-term expats, but it turned out to be good advice.




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