Aqua Verde

Monday March 28 — Gato to Agua Verde

Awoke with some  banging near my head (let me see, where am I — oh, in Gato) to another day in paradise: sun scintillating on the water; a couple of knots of wind; flat seas and geology I’ve never seen before. We bought a dinner of fish from a local fisherman, and Lisa went for a long morning exploration of the wilderness. I stayed aboard and did several maintenance items.

We up-anchored at noon for the 18 nm journey north to Agua Verde, one night’s stop from reaching our northern most goal, Loreto. We will rendezvous with Donn there and explore the environs for five days. But I get ahead of myself — aware that this is our northern most stop, and leaving there southward signifies the beginning of the end of this adventure – which in large measure was unimaginable at the outset.

We have coincidentally at the past several coves been anchored near the Seacraft 38,  Cool Change.   We met their owners Rick and Cindy Patrinellis, from Coloma, CA on the beach (how could we not since we were the only gringos), and like cruisers are prone to do, struck up an instant friendship. That conversation ended in our invitation to come aboard RD for drinks around sunset. We negotiated who could bring what, and several hours later we were sitting in the saloon of RD with potent margaritas and a selection of ord oeuvres. The conversation was all sailing, and boy do Rick and Cindy know their stuff!




One thought on “Aqua Verde

  1. Unbelievable water colors! What is their temperature? Nice and warm, I’ll bet. Sorry you didn’t retrieve the window but it was a good excuse to use the scuba equipment.


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