A Full Day

March 25 Friday El Cardonal to Isla San Francisco

An aft port window on RD apparently rusted loose and fell into the waters, about 20 feet to the bottom.   We spent the morning first snorkeling for it. The visibility was tantalizingly close to 20 feet, just not good enough to spot the window. Then we hauled out the one Scuba tank and Lisa and I took turns using it for an underwater search. It was fun, but to no avail.

We up-anchored at noon and left the beauty of El Cardonal for a 20 mile run to Isla Coyote. It was a sailor’s day – gentle winds pushing RD over 7 knots. Upon arrival in the area nothing looked good: unmarked shoals; the boat wasn’t in the location the chart-plotter put it; there were uncharted keel busters; and the wind wasn’t favorable. All this added up to sailing another 4 miles to an alternative location, the Hook. It as magical. Lisa and I took a long beach walk, chatted with a local family, and were entertained by a couple of young male guitar players serenading their girlfriends. The sunset was one of the best ever. In ordinary words, it was a delightful day and wonderful evening. A new bar for “a full day.”



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