Roza Cove

March 16 Wednesday – La Paz departure to Roza Cove

House or Boat:
Today begins with a thorough cleanup of RD prior to departure. I can’t decide whether or not cleaning a house takes more energy than Raven’s Dance.   A house has more square footage to be cleaned, but that doesn’t account for a lot. My house and Raven’s Dance both have a kitchen with glasses to be shined and pots and pans to be scrubbed. Both have two rest rooms (heads) that need regular refreshing.   Both have windows, a living room (saloon) and several bedrooms (births) in need of an occasional change of sheets.   The home has a dish washer. On RD I am the dishwasher, but this work is offset by the closeness of my dish and cooking cabinets, and silverware drawers — all conveniently within arm’s reach. (I’ve often thought large kitchens require too much walking to put things away).

The workload appears about even until you come to topsides. You don’t have to clean the roof of your house very often. So when you buff up the interior you are done. On a boat you are about half finished because you must clean the topsides.   Sail Lines need to be organized; sails need to be made ready; everything needs to be fresh-water hosed down to get rid of salt buildup; bird droppings need to be washed off the deck and a myriad of rigging put neatly in its place for immediate use if necessary.

Then there is the hour it takes to fill the water tanks (you don’t have to fill the bath tubs before leaving home). Then pump out the holding tank (which has no equivalent on shore). Provisioning for food (shopping) is more cumbersome (and if you forget something there is no quick dash to a 7/11 at sea for the forgotten item). And fueling is more time-consuming than a quick splash of gas for the car on the drive home.

And then there is the work of disconnecting the electrical connection from shore power and the water hose. Both need to be stowed.   (Note that you don’t have to shut off the electricity or turn off the water supply before leaving home — how convenient. No wonder it takes a half day just to get ready to sail.

In summary, Home owners have almost everything arranged to be effortless. Do they know how good they have it?

By2 pm I was fueled up at Palmira Marina, and ready to set sail for one of a hundred gunk holes of the fabled Isla Espiritu Santos. My goal was to reach the undeveloped and uninhabited Espiritu Santos Islands. They are strategically placed about 25 miles north of La Paz, purely as a yatistas’ paradise. They have cove after cove each with good holding and protection ,an isolated beach, pristine waters, and mountainous geological scenery to gawk at.

I chose Ensenada de la Raza (Raza Cove) — one that I could arrive at 1/2 hour before sunset. And indeed my timing was almost perfect (thanks not to my navigation calculations but to the wizardry of the Garmin chart-plotter). I had the anchor down, a home-made margarita in my hand, and feet up stretched out in the cockpit in time to watch the sun set. 0316_EspiratuSantose_6767Maybe I timed it a bit too closely because I couldn’t fit my evening swim into my busy schedule.




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