La Paz – take two

March 13 Sunday

I arrived in La Paz at sunset (seems to be my habit), and I’m anchored adjacent to the channel in the vicinity of The La Paz marina.   For the next two days I appreciate the marina amenities and what has become my favorite Mexican town.

What other town has the humor, creativity and public will to make the garbage can lids into works of art?0315_EspiratuSantose_6774 0314_EspiratuSantose_6813 0314_EspiratuSantose_6805 0314_EspiratuSantose_6803-1

What other town has such eye-catching statuary along its malacon?0314_EspiratuSantose_6820 0314_EspiratuSantose_6814 0314_EspiratuSantose_6810 0314_EspiratuSantose_6808

What other town is as friendly to yatisas as La Paz? 0314_EspiratuSantose_6795-1 0314_EspiratuSantose_6794 0315_EspiratuSantose_6773 0314_EspiratuSantose_6817

La Paz is town has about 250,000 residents, a melting pot of just the right size for Spanish and Gringos.   It is the jumping off point for cruisers visiting the Sea of Cortez.   It has a large harbor with plenty of anchorage area, multiple marinas, and meets the needs of the yastitas, whether they visit for a few days, or liveabord for seasons or longer. The daily 8 am net is the local newspaper, and the Club Cruceros is the gathering place for yastitas who live in and about the harbor.

La Paz translates as “The Peace”, and I find the inhabitants living their namesake.   Sebastian Vizca , a Spanish explorer, visited here in 1596, and named it La Paz, so I guess the culture hasn’t changed in the intervening 400 years.

The Cathedral of La Paz is eclectic, but no less impressive because of its eclectic architectural style.0315_EspiratuSantose_6777 0315_EspiratuSantose_6776-1 0315_EspiratuSantose_6778 0315_EspiratuSantose_6780-1 0315_EspiratuSantose_6781 0315_EspiratuSantose_6783

I’m ALMOST happy that the unfortunate engine problem has forced me to return to La Paz for a few days.


3 thoughts on “La Paz – take two

  1. Glad to hear you weathered another engine problem. It is a little disconcerting to see the RD tracker turn around and go south again when the stated plan was to go north! I’m following your travels and it appears that the truism that I think came originally from sailors was “hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror”! However, you seem to have both extremes pretty much under control. You savor the peace and beauty when it’s easy times and review ALL possibilities before plowing forward with what needs to be done when faced with the next crisis. Good job Captain!!


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