“Turistas” for a day

March 08 Tuesday Mazatlan

To gain an instant understanding of a complex city, take a private tour.

We hired Hector, a local open-air taxi driver for four hours to tour us around the city. The essence of this city is the contrast of the old (historic) and the the new (modern) in mixed co-existence.   Our final half hour included a visit to Walmart’s, gathering provisions on the fly.

Here are a few highlights in comment and photos:
The Old:
Trappers hunted deer and pirates made it their home from the sixteenth century. Today the heart of the city is the Centro Historico, 20 blocks of restored 1840s Victorian homes and the Plazuela Machado park (Mexico’s version of Charleston, S.C.).

This is a Catholic country and has a churth worthy of its religion. It took 43 years to complete – due to the combination of its and to the ornate stonework throughout.


Matatlan also has steep hills reminiscent of San Francisco.
The view from the top is the best panoramic views of the city.


The New:

Mazatlan has the longest malacon (beach-front walk and parks) we will ever find – about 7 miles long.   As we drive it we come upon Seattle-style coffee shops, vendors, and statues. Along the way Hector points out the baseball stadium, the aquarium, theater and places we would love to visit, but no time.


And a special tribute to the women of Mazatlan.

In summary, with his combination of excellent English, cultural understanding and enthusiasm, he transformed our appreciation for this historic city. We may never return but we leave with fond memories.





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