Picturesque Beyond Belief

March 06 Saturday Isla Isabella

Bounded by dramatic cliffs, cobalt blue pristine water this isolated offshore outcropping  is Mexico’s version of the Galapagos Islands. Just point the camera and shoot and you have a prize-winning photo (if only it were that easy). Here is a gallery of the results of my efforts in a 1/2 day walk on the island.

This is my first return visit! After years of going into ports  I still have a (healthy?) anxiety about entering the area.Anchoring is tricky here, and It’s so much more relaxing to go into a port you are familiar with… maybe like driving in your neighborhood rather than in a strange town.   “You gotta know the territory” to be at ease.

Jacques Cousteau put Isla Maria Isabella into national prominence when he filmed a program here 40 years ago.

Thousands of frigate birds live here, and they can have a 7 foot wingspan and weight only 3 pounds.   They have evolved to take advantage of the thermals and can soar for hours without once flapping their wings.   To my mind they are nature’s most advanced evolutionary flying creatures, and they exist only in a few isolated islands on earth.

Their sleek design is a far cry from the Piper Cub J-3, made of tubes and canvas, that I owned and flew ag age 16. It’s so crude by comparison that it’s no wonder it would barely fly, pulled along by a wooden propeller and a 65 hp Lycoming four-banger.

Other indigenous creatures, including the green-footed booby, include:

The wildlife exists among a small colony of hard-working fishermen who seasonally live in their makeshift rustic camp..


And then this day, like everyone in my life, is followed by a setting sun.0307_IslaIsabella_6277-1



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