The big game day

Sunday Feb 07  Big Game Day


The next day (Sunday – game day) I took a respite from my engine troubles to participate in the must-see ritual of the Super Bowl.   It just seemed un-American not to see the Big Game.  An organized group of about 25 yatistas took pangas over to a”sports bar” to the little village of La Manzanilla. The beach landing was as exciting as the game.

We ate and drank and swapped cruising stories and cheered for our favorite team.  One affable world cruiser, Mark, recounted in which country he had watched the past six Games.  Having lived in Denver and owned a home in Boulder, CO my home team was the winning team.  How out of context it is to be watching the Super Bowl in a little thatch-covered bar in a tiny village you’ll never visit again with English-speaking cruisers you may not see again.

Super Bowl 2016 in a Spanish village Watching the Super Bowl in a local tiki bar






It’s an entertaining anachronism.  No pizza and beer, just margaritas.  Since the broadcast was in Spanish we couldn’t watch the traditional unveiling of the creative commercials.  The announcers spoke Spanish, so no one understood their play-by-play reviews.  But it was football and so it seemed appropriate to have the volume turned up high.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out why we didn’t just turn the sound off.



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