Falling Down the Rabbit Hole


Among the jewels of n the Gold Coast I have to rank Bahia Tenacatita as number one. The name translates as “10 harbors” — all inside a wide bay with always enough space for everyone, and mostly protected from the prevailing NW swell. Another endless beach rings the Bay and above that layers of green unspoiled jungle mountains ripple across the horizon.TenacatitaPan2Lores

Donn and I arrive about 4 pm, do several “fly bys” of the area’s harbor and then pick our spot and anchor. Just after checking the anchor’s holding we take a refreshing swim in water so clear we can see the anchor. We are not there for two hours when the unofficial “mayor of Tenacatita”, Robert, and his wife Virginia, (aboard Harmony) come by in their dinghy to welcome us to the harbor.

When was the last time someone recognized your arrival and
the mayor came by to welcome you?

Well this is the kind of community of “yatistas” that inhabit this harbor, making it special.   There are about 20 sailboats, mostly sloop rigs, and some ketches and one power boat and one schooner. We are all clustered in the area north most portion of the harbor where the protection is complete.

Donn shifts to his cooking artistry. I sit in the saloon with an evening glass of wine while RD lazily swings back and forth to change my view.   Music is flowing from the speakers and pasta smells are wafting from the galley. Gratitude overwhelms me. All my desriptive superlatives are mere cliches. it seems like ” I’ve died and gone to heaven” grossly understates my experience. I have never been in any hotel in the world that equals the luxury of being here this evening.   Today we found a perfect day of sailing and friendship punctuated with an evening beyond everything I’ve ever wished for from sailing.

Perhaps the confluence of weather and wine, and several days of endless sailing along the Gold Coast has made this day what it became. I have fallen down the fabled rabbit hole into a world of bliss.

Howard in the new hammock




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