Almost My Last Grand Adventure – Part I

I awoke to the renewed energy I’d hoped, a perfect day in Bahia Chamela and the pleasure of my morning coffee while staring at the 5 miles of beach that ringed the shore.

Perfection turned sour when I was uup-anchoring and the windlass relay failed to energize the windlass motor. I struggled with several alternative methods to get 150 feet of chain, plus the anchor, on the deck. The wind kept pressure on the rode making it impossible for me to place RD over the anchor for more than a few seconds at a time.   This was challenging the limits of my “jurryrigging”.I tried both manual winching and using the Milwaukee industrial drill fitted out for winch use. It was clearly going to be a 2+ hour process — if I could accomplish it at all.

I was hard at work experimenting with several work-around options when happily, Kathy and Ian MacDonald, from Vernon, B.C. rowed by and hailed me with a welcome “need any help?” in his Canadian dialect.   With his aid we retrieved the chain and anchor and after giving them a quick tour of RD I was underway for points south. However now I had a strong preference for reaching a marina slip, as I wasn’t sure I had the physical strength and energy to up-anchor again.

I was hopeful that I could get a slip in Bahia Tenacatita (Manzanilla) but I arrived in the area to find no docks exist. After a discussion with a couple of yatistas in nearby anchorages on VHF, it seemed my best option was to continue on to Bahia Navidad (commonly called Brra).   I would arrive there about one hour after sunset.

I prefer not to enter a strange harbor at night, although I am practiced and capable of doing so.   An hour later I crept into the pitch-black channel, passed one unlit boat a bit close, found the marina and executed a perfect landing at a slip. Then I poured myself a double margarita!



2 thoughts on “Almost My Last Grand Adventure – Part I

  1. Seems like some good tips/reminders for our life maps as well. Very entertaining and compelling reading also….

    Patrick Edwards Office/Cell: 602-295-2558


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