Goodbye Banderas Bay

Banderas BayI wear Banderas Bay from La Cruz to Yelapa like a glove that fits well. And that signals that my time here in Vallarta Marina is up.   As has so often been the case, I am trading in a place I could enjoy forever for the next grand adventure down the “road”. As much as I appreciate PV, my wanderlust trumps any need for security, and thus far it has been a good trade.

I have 10 days of provisions and 200 gallons of water on board. But I notice my growing over-reliance on the Garmin chart-plotter, and I’d like to get a few charts to back up the possibility of a catastrophic failure of the electronics.

I unglug from Vallarta Marina and say goodbye to my slip neighbor Steve Martyn. I’ve enjoyed mornings at the local coffee shop, Coffee Cup, for the coffee, friendliness and the fastest Internet in town.

PV is a city, but La Cruz is a town to love. The Cruisers’ Comfort Lounge in La Cruz is the free repository for old charts. There I photograph a few old charts and then cross Bandaras Bay from La Cruz to Yelalpa, a distance of 13 miles, the width of this wondrous Bay without which Puerto Vallarta would not exist. I wonder if I appreciate these moments in real time as much as I appreciate them when they’re gone? It’s a close call, and I can not be sure. To delight in sweet goodbyes once in the moment and again in reflection is possibly as good as life gets.


Yelapa is my staging point for rounding Cape Cabo Corrientes, and like all capes it deserves respect. I arrive at sunset with enough light to scour the shoreline, but anchoring is all but impossible. The 25 foot shelf close to shore goes from 30 feet to over 100 feet in the length of the boat. Any space that might be suitable for anchoring has been taken over by local pangas on mooring balls. With any swell at all this turns anchoring intp an an all-night watch. The guidebook advises taking a mooring ball, and finally a panga shows up and directs me to one. It is $20.00 well spent, because RD is safe, and it is an investment in a good night’s sleep (as opposed to waking up every half hour checking on the anchor’s holding limits).

One final treat in a long, active day. I scored a bunch of old movies on a thumb drive. Now it’s time to watch one before turning in.



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