Take the Night Train to Bahia Chamela

I departed Yelopa at 1800 hours on January 06 for an overnight sail of about 80 nm south to reach the Gold Coast town of Bahia Chamela.

Fears of the night have always been with me, but I am mesmerized by “the music of the night”  and memories of sails in the other world of darkness. I am a confident and practiced night sailor, so I just thank these fears and several hours of darkness transform them into the awe of the night.

The Guide Book warns you about rounding Cabo Corrientes in anything but the calmest of conditions.   A six pm departure from Yelapo and an overnight sail would enable me to arrive in Bahia Chamera about noon the following day. I cherish sailing through the night when the glory of the heavens are all lit up.   My most optimistic expectations were exceeded in wind speed and astronomical beauty. I couldn’t feel the slightest increase in winds or sea state as I rounded about 10 off the Cape. The stars defined the horizon line and overhead the Milky Way looked as if it were painted across the sky. And I was the only night’s witness.

This is how the evening began.

departing the mooring as darkness approaches

It was a night where I wished to sail forever!






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