The Road Not Taken

December 29, 2015              Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Over two years ago we concocted this grand adventure of captain (Howard) sailing Raven’s Dance to foreign ports and meeting the owner (Donn) periodically along our route.   And we sealed this symbiotic relationship with nothing more than a vague sketch and a handshake. .

We also agreed we would meet in Puerto Vallarta between Christmas and New Years 2015 and review our experiment and choose the next chapter.   .We met at destinations and always kept our agreements along the way, and this evening following our day cruise with PV friends we had a summit review conversation.

The essence of it from my part: “It’s not fair for me to captain RD across the Pacific without you enjoying being on board your boat.”. Donn responded: “I know my future work schedule, and I can’t take a month off to do the 2016 Pacific Puddle.” I have not explained the wide-ranging side conversations of memories, boat readiness, crew selection, my limitations or longer-term goals etc. However it all points to a single, comfortable mutual choice: RD is not joining the Pacific Puddle crossing in 2016.

So a new 2016 chapter begins with three months of exploring the Mexican coast…either north to Loreto area or south as far as Ixtapa or Acapulco.  It’s up to us to create a sight-seeing route along which Donn can occasionally join RD.   Then after April 01 I intend to return RD leisurely up the coast to her prior home port, Seattle.

This has been anything but an easy decision.  On Monday and Wednesday I think it is the correct, prudent decision, considering all factors.  On Tuesday and Thursday I wonder why I didn’t choose to just keep going westward, hell be damned, until I ran out of life.

A wise friend who has more mileage at sea, and wisdom, than I ever will, helped me put this life-changing decision in perspective:

Many of life’s best adventures are, in retrospect, the ones not taken.
Surely you, a curious fellow, will find something else to capture your interest for your remaining years. Moreover, I suspect you will live a longer, less hazardous, and less troubled life to enjoy this new interest, than if you were to wear yourself out at sea — or worse — on a small boat. 

The beauty of creating a dream is you can also modify it along the way.
In summary it’s a decision I can “live” with.
And now back to hunting more of this grand adventure in a new direction.



2 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken

  1. I know that wonderful ideas that don’t come to fruition are disheartening but Howie where there is change you will find new ideas. Change itself can be harder to do than the previous idea. We grow through change. Have a great time. Carlee

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