The weather rules – no kidding

The weather rules!!
We were all disappointed in not being able to go further north –  due to continuous blows (day and night howling 25 knots that would not give up).  I’m learning that the Sea of Cortez makes its own weather (literally) and has a rather fickle mind of its own.  We poked our head out of our protection twice only to find 8 foot 4 second nasty square waves — more punishing than the Gulf of Alaska.  They often don’t even give forecasts beyond three days because they are worthless.

The consensus among cruisers (and us) is to give up on northbound and head for the warmer, quieter PV waters sooner than originally planned.
Thus we are positioned off of Bahia de Los Muertos (Bay of the dead)
watching and waiting.  We are watered and fueled and provisioned for 10 days or more, if needed.  Maybe we’ll leave tomorrow morning around 10 am for a 200 nm crossing to Mazitlan – or maybe the day after?  I’m  hopeful we can sail the whole way. Our hard date in PV is Dec. 16.

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