Paradise Found and Lost

We are way off our hoped for schedule of island-hopping north up the Sea of Cortez because we got pinned down for 4 days in a “blow”  (relentless winds at 25 knots with nasty seas and howling rigging and a pitching boat that could drive a person crazy).  It Ensenada Grande is a gunkholer’s paradise

and we found things to do each day, but still… we are imprisoned here — walled in by a giant ancient caldera — and finding that giving up your freedom to live in paradise is a bad trade.  In summary we were delighted to be in such a pristine place and equally delighted to say goodbye.

We’ve returned to La Paz and Internet access and are resetting our plans to chase sun and warmer weather south.:  Muertos today/tonight and then evaluate crossing the Sea of Cortez to the mainland and working our way south to PV .  The weather rules:  we’ll be looking for weather windows as we go.

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