The foibles of waking up in your own dream

Sunday 23 Aug

I awoke with a mental start – the full realization that all cords to land are cut, and this is my home, and I’m isolated from the rest of the world, came to me. Over 75 years I’ve been attached to my boyhood home in Connecticut, or to Princeton University, or to the military or to home ownership, marriage, career and two children growing into adulthood.

The life that I woke up into this morning was not long ago a dream beyond belief — a wisp of an idea without clarity or strategy.

Do you trust the truism that our dreams come true?

My vision of the future, not having the vaguest idea how to make it come true, seldom on the surface but always on the alert as a guide for a small choice that either moves me toward or away from that vision.

Vision is to mortals what a compass is to the navigator. It is simple, and it doesn’t need electricity nor high-tech technology to power it. It’s not fragile nor prone to failure. The GPS, chart plotters, RADAR or AIS can be useful but the compass is the sine qua non of navigational instruments.
the compass is your guide and dead reckoning is your strategy.

And so it is with the human endeavors. Your dream is your guide, powered by the mysterious, transparent force of attraction.

I am proof of this process. This morning I woke up in my dream.

But wait a minute. Is this the life I want? Suddenly I’m facing a whole new set of questions that I forgot to plaint in — the details of my dream. How do I cook English muffins without a toaster? Detail such as what am I supposed to do today? The rest of my life is a clean slate for me to draw upon. And that folks brings me to the next challenge: living the dream.


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