Ritual for a Sunday morning

Ritual for a Sunday morning   Poulsbo, WA   Sunday August 09

I love the Norwegian main street of the small Washington town of Poulsbo. It would be a movie set, except for its authenticity.   To my mind there’s no finer Sunday morning ritual than rolling out of bed and sleepily walking down the dock and across the street to the best bakery in the Pacific Northwest, Sluy’s Bakery.

Sluy’s Bakery pride

The ringing of a small door bell announces your arrival, and the smell of fresh made bread fills the air.   And your senses are assaulted with the variety of bakery items in their neat rows under the glass counter — just waiting to be eaten. But the sine qua non of bakery items is their Viking Cup. The anticipation of a rare treat and an extreme sugar hit — let the force be with you.  One Viking Cup and you will coast through the rest of your day buzzed.  Order your Viking Cup and perhaps a loaf of fresh bread to go.

Viking Cup bakery
Viking Cup

The ritual continues. Carry your treasure carefully in its little white bag (don’t smooch it) across the street to the Hot Shots Java coffee shop and buy your favorite brew. Grab a fistful of napkins (for there is no known way of eating one neatly), settle in, sip coffee and throw reasonableness to the wind and dive in to your Viking Cup face first. In a few moments you will be ready to read the Sunday comics or take on the world.


ug 09


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